Hannah B
Florida Gulf Coast University
MA Business,

Arts in Healthcare

Volunteer with the hospital's "Arts in Healthcare" Program that facilitates arts and crafts activities with patients in their rooms along with local outreach events in the community.

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  Miami, FL

Ani Mercedes
Syracuse University
MA Public Administration,

Community + Films = :)

  Everyone has a dream -- to become and athlete, to travel the world, to buy a car. Mine is to make documentary films, especially films about my community that are for my community.   During my Zerobound campaign, I will be leading and organizing a Member's Night for the 30+ independent filmmaker members of Indie Film Club Miami so we can follow our dream together in our beloved city. I am securing a venue, promoting, and corresponding with each of our members so they can have someone to call on a last minute shoot, find crew for their latest project, get production insurance and permits, and help them finish and screen their films.    Member's Night will help grow our dreams to be more sustainable, will foster our community through art, and most importantly, help tell the stories by our community, for our community. Anyone in our community is welcome to become a member. I. Love. This.   Here's to following our dreams!     Woo hoo! Ani Mercedes Indie Film Club Miami

dream, film, community, love

Arts & Culture

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  Arvada, CO

Kelsey Lantz
University of Colorado Boulder
BS History, Communication,

Historic Molly Brown House

I am very excited to start working with the Historic Molly Brown House in Denver. For this first month, my duties will include training to be a tour guide (the guides all write their own tours, so there's some research and preparation involved!) and assisting with special events. The Museum will be offering Expert Tours on the weekend of April 12-13 for a special event called Doors Open Denver which showcases architecture and design around Denver. Other special events this month include a Derby Hat Making Workshop and an all day children's event called Dia Del Nino. I'll also debut my tour guide skills near the end of the month. The final chunk of my 30 hours will be spent doing data entry for Discover Denver, a city wide building survey that will provide data on potentially historic sites throughout the city. I'll make sure to post a few updates to let you all know how it's going, so please share my story and check back regularly!! 

Arts & Culture

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  Athens, GA

DeJoire Hall
Georgetown University
BS Biology of Global Health,

Community Agriculture: Paying Down Student Loans by Paying It Forward

Hi! I’m DeJoiré, and I am currently volunteering with Athens Land Trust (ALT) in Athens, Georgia. My work is through ALT’s Community Agriculture Program. The Community Agriculture Program is dedicated to promoting sustainable agriculture through farmer support, educational development, economic development, and community building. Each week I volunteer at their West Broad Market Garden helping out wherever I am needed. I also am one of the volunteer coordinators for the farmers market that is held at West Broad Market Garden every Saturday from May to December. I am responsible for arranging the free health screenings and health education workshops that are offered at each market. In addition to volunteering, I am in the ALT Farmer Incubation program, which provides new farmers with training and access to land to grow their own organic food and with resources to aid in land acquisition and agribusiness planning. To learn more about the many wonderful things that Athens Land Trust is doing in Athens and its surrounding counties, please visit The opportunity to be a ZeroBound user allows me to fulfill more than one goal at the same time. First, I have a very substantial amount of student loan debt that I would like to eliminate in order to freely pursue my life goals. Second, I am passionate about sustainable agriculture and health, and this experience provides me with an opportunity to both serve and learn. I am committed to using my skills and gifts to empower and improve the lifestyles of the people in my global community and firmly believe that my work with Athens Land Trust allows me to do so. A Little More About Me…    You might be wondering how my major in Biology of Global Health is at all related to sustainable agriculture. Well…when I was a kid, I spent many a summer helping out in my great aunt’s home garden and her 22-acre farm.  It is an experience that I know helped shape the woman I am today--nothing teaches you diligence and endurance quite like picking corn in the middle of a July day in South Georgia. I didn’t know it then, but in those days we mostly ate “farm to table”. In fact, I didn’t realize how significant that was until I moved away for college and couldn’t find affordable, fresh food anywhere. This is when I first started to recognize my interest in agriculture and its effects on quality of life. Over the course of my four years at Georgetown, I took two very important classes: Biochemistry and Forest Ecology. At first glance, these subjects might seem disparate. However, what I learned in both of them helped solidify my understanding of the meaningful connection between sustainable agriculture and our overall well-being. In Biochemistry, I learned about the pathways of energy and the functions of the essential building blocks we consume (proteins, carbs, lipids, etc.) in said pathways. I learned exactly how chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer develop when these processes go wrong. It was sobering, and made me want to be a smarter consumer. In Forest Ecology we spent most of our time in the field, where we learned such things as the health benefits of certain plants we eat (did you know that watercress aids in smoking cessation?) and how harmful and disruptive our human activity can be to nature. Both of these courses really drove home the necessity of responsible consumption, for our bodies and the environment we live in. 


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  Broomfield, CO

Becky Havens
Metropolitan State University of Denver
BA English - Writing,

Connect Fan Activist Leaders! ...and Story-Based Educators!

We have 30 hours together, you and I.   In those 30 hours, I want to:   - find 8 new fan activist groups or organizations to connect to an existing Google Group (I'll explain in a moment) before April 30th - find at least 16 story-based educators  before April 20th - toward April 21st, I want to help start a new story-based educators Google Group - continue to facilitate discussion - On April 13th I will be helping to facilitate a Google Hangout with members of the fan activist group   So....   What the heck does all that mean?   Like I explain in my video, this is the work I've been privileged to do for nearly 2 years. For the past 6 months or so, I've been working to connect fan activists through a Google Group- those are people who do story-based activism work, likely involving "Fandom" or fan communities that spring up around awesome stories.   Now, I want to work (with my wonderful, awesome, super-talented colleague Beka Gurney!) toward a new Google Group which will involve connecting a different, but equally awesome set of people: teachers who use stories and narratives to educate (in a much more nuanced way than just shoving a book at a student and saying "read,"). I'm talking about the teacher who uses Teen Wolf in her classroom. Beka and I are comin' for her.   I've been lucky enough to work under Andrew Slack (you do not have a better boss. You do not.) in doing all of this, and it has been such a blast.   Here are my two pals at Civic Collaboratory:     Thanks. :)      

#fans #dftba #fancommunities #nerdfighter #storybased #imaginebetter #education #activism

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  Washington, DC

Gerard Barile
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
BS Accounting,

Providing the Theatre Tech Program with the Skills to Succeed

  First off, I can't emphasize enough how important the Theatre Tech Program (TTP) is to the participants involved. It provides a cycling group of high school seniors the opportunity to explore digital media and the arts in a setting unlike anywhere else. The program director, Anthony Henderson, is one of the most inspiring individuals I’ve worked with and he is the keystone for all the creativity and inspiration that stems from the TTP. I urge you, please donate to this great cause well before you even consider donating a penny for the volunteer work I'm doing - it’s all about the kids, and without funding this program will not be able to continue at some point. To learn more about the TTP, click on this link Please follow this link to make donations: Donate to Joe's here   Organization you’re volunteering with: Joe’s Movement Emporium – mostly the Theatre Tech Program (TTP) ( Cherry Blossom 10 mile run   Details of your volunteer work: Primarily, I will be teaching structured financial literacy curriculums to the TTP students, and incorporating personal experiences when applicable. These are topics such as Cross-Cultural and Diversity Skills, Critical Thinking Skills, and Financial Literacy. I will also be volunteering on April 6th at the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run in Washington, DC.    Your favorite aspect of this volunteer work? I think it’s important for every person to have a tool kit of general financial skills, especially before going to college where money can be tight sometimes. As for the Cherry Blossom Run - runners need water, right?    What do you appreciate most about the idea of Zero Bound? This may not be the best answer, but I appreciate the “incentive” part and think it will drive this program and help it gain traction– in turn inspiring more individuals to focus on social good. We’ve become a society where rewards are expected for everything that we do, but when it comes to volunteering many people don’t find joy and happiness in helping others to be a reward – this may be because they’ve never been given a great volunteering opportunity, or for other reasons. I hope the “incentive” aspect will be a catalyst in showing people that when you put a genuine smile on someone’s face by helping them, it’s well worth it.   Organizations you’ve been involved with (in a volunteer capacity) in the past · Joe’s Movement Emporium · VITA · Kearney & Company Community Service Committee · Accenture Workforce Initiative Network   What are the causes that mean the most to you? · Education of financial literacy · Cancer research · Veterans · At risk youth · I have a roommate who is extremely passionate about dogs and dog rescue, its rubbing off on me   Career aspirations Currently figuring out that puzzle one piece at a time, but I’d like to work internationally within the next few years.   Hobbies and interests · Sports · Trying new restaurants · Vegetable gardening · Food · Cooking · Exploring · The outdoors · More food       What are some ways you plan to get creative about making the most of your Zero Bound Campaign and your volunteer experience on the whole? Ideally I want this to be about the kids in the TTP program, and Joe’s Movement Emporium, and not to be about the volunteer work I’ll be doing. I like the concept of Zero Bound, it’s a great way for anyone with student loan debt to potentially reduce that burden, but in the end Zero Bound is all about inspiring individuals to do social good and I hope that is recognized. If people do take anything from the work I’m doing hopefully its motivation to go out and lend their skills, knowledge, and time to others who need it.    

Children & Youth

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I am committed to using my skills and gifts to empower and improve the lifestyles of the people in my global community...

DeJoire Hall

Georgetown University, BS Biology of Global Health, '12

Athens, GA